Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 5

Day 29

29/365 - Disney

Today's theme was Disney. This was really all I could think of.

Day 30

30/365 - Headless Bench Monday

Today's theme was "Headless Bench Monday". So we headed to the park and I snapped this.

Day 31

31/365 - Summertime

Today's theme was "Faking Summer". I love that I could fit into this size 6 dress!!

Day 32

32/365 - Abracadabra

This day had 2 themes. The usual "We're Here" theme was The Number 6 and then "February Alphabet Fun" started with the letter A. So I went with a magic trick.

Day 33

33/365 - Banana Violence

Today's theme was "Banana Violence". How weird would it be if all weapons in movies were replaced by bananas. Also B for Feb Alphabet Fun.

Day 34

34/365 - Sad bokeh

Today's theme was "Sad Bokeh". So I went with candles so I could also fit it into the Alphabet set.

Day 35

35/365 - Dreaming

D for dreams.

Hope you enjoyed my 5th week!

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