Sunday, March 11, 2012

365 Week 10

I am so proud of myself for not missing a day yet!! Even if some photos are lame, at least I am taking one a day!!

Day 64:

64/365 - Life is messy

Theme for today was "Life is Messy". This was fun but my hair wouldn't mess up like I wanted it too! Once it's straight it kind of goes limp so wouldn't go all scruffy. Ashley thought I was a mad woman!

Day 65:


I didn't do the theme today, but I had just washed and straightened my hair so I wanted a photo of it all done and decided to use it as my 365 also. It needs a trim BADLY!

Day 66:

66/365 - A disgrace!

Today's theme was "Disgraced Celebrities Holding Cameras". The group that was chosen was so odd! It was funny! They said we could create a "fake" celebrity so I made up a story for this one! Lol

Day 67:

67/365 - Lazy portrait

I had great plans for today, but they all fell through so I just used one of the shots I took for the theme and didn't use.

Day 68: 

Day 68 - My name is....

Today's theme was "Movie Quotes". The Princess Bride is one of my all time favs and I found this shirt for Billy. It's a small shirt and he never wears it, so now that it fits me I think I may steal it!

Day 69:

69/365 - Hmmmmmm

Today's theme is "Did I leave the iron on?" basically a picture of you thinking intensely about something.

Day 70:

70/365 - Hairodynamic

Today's theme was "Hairodynamic". Basically focussing on hair.

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