Sunday, March 18, 2012

365 Week 11

Day 71:

71/365 - Sunday morning

Today's theme was "Easy Like a Sunday Morning". Pretty self explanatory.

Day 72:

72/365 - Moustache Monday

Today's theme was "Moustache Monday". This photo actually made Explore on Flickr which I am so stoked about!! I haven't made Explore since 2009!! Wooohoooooo! (Explore is the top 500 photos of that day) and considering millions of photos are uploaded daily, it's pretty awesome!

Day 73:

73/365 - The photographer photographed

Today's theme "The Photographer Photographed". I used a mirror for this one.

Day 74:

74/365 - White white white

Today's theme was "White White White".

Day 75:

75/365 - Childhood Memories

Today's theme was "Childhood Memories". This is a photo of me when I was about 8. I am holding my nephew Paul. Yes that's right, I became an Aunt at age 8. Paul is now 27 years old and has a child of his own, so now at 35 I am a Great Aunt. I remember him being born and thinking it was so cool to be Aunty Nikki.

Day 76:


Today's theme was "Fully Dressed People in a Bathtub". We don't have a usable bathtub so I used the shower.

Day 77:

77/365 - Green for St Patty's Day

Today's theme of course was "Green" for St Patrick's Day!

I am so proud I have made it this far and not missed 1 day. I really hope I can complete 1 full year this time!!

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