Monday, March 26, 2012

365 Week 12

Day 78:

78/365 - Dropped Stuff

Today's theme was "Dropped Stuff" so I went with a Hansel & Gretel theme.

Day 79:

79/365 - I got nothing.

No theme today, wasn't feeling good.

Day 80:

80/365 - Make her proud

Today's theme was kind of bizarre. "My grandmother thinks I have a future in photography" basically a photo that would make your grandmother proud. Look I don't choose these themes, well I do about once a month. Anyway my lovely late Nanna loved her Australian Rules Football and her favourite team was Collingwood and their colours are Black & White so I donned my black and white for her. If you want to see a photo of her in her gear, click the photo and look in the comments. <3 you Nanna.

Day 81:

81/365 - Spring!

Today's theme was Spring. We had such a busy day this is all I could manage.

Day 82: My birthday!

82/365 - Framed on my birthday!

I was so looking forward to today! It was my birthday and my pick for the theme and I chose "Frame within a Frame" or infinity photography. I had wanted to do this for the longest time and I finally did. AND the photo made it to #233 in Flickr Explore! AWESOME!

Day 83:

83/365 - Yellow!

Today's theme was Yellow. I don't own anything yellow so I had to think on my feet and used some dandelions from the garden!

Day 84:

84/365 - Reading nook

Today's theme was "Where do you read". This was such good timing because I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday! YAY!

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