Sunday, March 11, 2012

365 Week 9

Day 57:

57/365 - Zero ground clearance

Today's theme was "Zero Ground Clearance" So I put the camera on a thin book and I initially wanted it focussed on us, but it had ideas of it's own, but I like how it turned out.

Day 58:

58/365 - Selective colour

Today's theme was "Selective Colour". I used to do this all the time then got kind of burnt out on it. But this was fun. Those shoes made the trip across the world with me, but I haven't actually worn them anywhere. But now that I have lost the weight I am hoping my centre of balance is a bit better! haha

Day 59:

59/365 - Long Exposure

Today's theme was "Long Exposure" so I thought I would play around with light painting and a flash light. None of the ones I really planned worked out and it was COLD so I just went with the best one.

Day 60: 

60/365 - Leaping for Leap Year

Today was Leap Day so I thought I would attempt my first ever JUMP shot! I never did one before as full body shots were a rarity as it was, and jumping was NOT going to happen! haha Now I don't mind so much except it kind of hurt my knees after a while!

Day 61:

61/365 - Crazy Eyes

Today's theme was "Crazy Eyes". Basically taking a photo of your eye with your phone or another camera and putting it over your eye. I thought this way so cool and want to do it again, trying different things.

Day 62:

Day 62/365 - Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Today was Dr Seuss's birthday! I wanted to paint my face as Cat in the Hat too but I didn't have any face paint. So made do with just the hat. Next year maybe!

Day 63:

63/365 - Best foot forward

Today's theme was "Best Foot Forward" so I went with this. 

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