Wednesday, March 14, 2012

After photos

So I suppose, since I hit goal last month, I need to put up some more recent photos!

Here is one from the end of January. It's actually one for my 365 Days project so it's a little silly, but I am wearing a size 6 dress so YAY!!

31/365 - Summertime

Here is one taken the day after I hit goal, Feb 15th. I actually wore this outfit today but with strappy pink sandals.

Ready for Spring!

Another silly one, taken on 29th Feb for my 365 but I am wearing size 6 skinny jeans! Wooot wooot! And the top is a Juniors medium!!

60/365 - Leaping for Leap Year

Once I hit Lifetime I would like to try to lose maybe another 10lb or so, see how I feel/look. 

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