Friday, March 16, 2012

In the garden

It was a nice, warm day today, so after Billy went to sleep this afternoon I went out with my camera to see if I could get some photos.

Most people hate these guys, but I think they are so pretty.



While I was hunkered down in the grass taking photos I realised I had a stalker.





She really is just too pretty.

I also realised we weren't alone.




I noticed it was starting to get a bit gloomy and windy and sure enough, a front was heading our way.


Thankfully nothing really came out of it other than a bit of rain. The storms around here always freak me out a little.

So there was my little photo adventure today. Not that exciting, but the warmer weather will hopefully mean more opportunities for photos. Billy has a week off at the beginning of April and he wants to take me to some places I haven't seen YAY!! So expect lots of photos in a couple of weeks.

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