Wednesday, April 4, 2012

365 Week 13

Day 85:


I had no energy to do any theme today. So this was all I did.

Day 86:

86/365 - Monday morning benching

Today's theme was "Monday Morning" and "Happy Bench Monday" so I combined the 2.

Day 87:

87/365 - Top Down Tuesday

Today's theme was "Top Down Thursday". Basically a photo taken from above. It does sound a little bit rude though!

Day 88:

88/365 - Nerds in loud shirts

Today's theme was "Nerds in loud shirts".

Day 89:

89/365 - Enjoying the end of the day

I didn't play any theme for today either.

Day 90:

90/365 - Just me

Another themeless day.

Day 91:

91/365 - Random!

Today's theme was so random it's best to just show you the group that was chosen: Did your dad travel alot?

So another week down and I haven't missed a day! YAY!!! I can honestly see myself finishing this for the first time!

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