Saturday, April 7, 2012

365 Week 14

Day 92:

92/365 - Non flip flops

Today's theme was "Flip Flops" or Thongs for my Aussie brethren. Seeming I hate wearing them and therefore don't own any this was the closest I had.

Day 93:

93/365 - Distortion

Today's theme was "Distortion". It was funny because I had just bought these $1 goggles to use when I cut onions and I wanted to use a water effect for the photo and I thought they worked well together.

Day 94:

94/365 - Copy Pikespice Day

Today was "Copycat" day. We had to choose a photo from a fellow member of our group and copy it. This is mine.

Day 95:

95/365 - 3 of a kind

Today's theme was "3 of a kind". This is Ashley's size 11.5 foot, Billy's size 8.5 foot and my 7.5 foot.

Day 96: 
96/365 - Tree Shapes

Today's theme was "Tree Shapes".

Day 97:

97/365 - Transportation

Today's theme was "Transportation".

Day 98:

98/365 - Police of the world

Today's theme was "Police of the World".

Almost to 100 days and I am yet to miss a day!! Woooo

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