Tuesday, April 17, 2012

365 Week 15

Day 99:


No theme for today.

Day 100:

100/365 - My favourite colour

Today's theme was "My Favourite Colour". If you know anything about me, you would know my favourite colour is pink!

Day 101:

101/365 - 10 minutes from....

Today's theme was "10 Minutes from Work/Home". So I risked life and limb on our scary roads to get a shot 10 minutes walk from our house. I was so happy the horsies were near the fence!

Day 102:

102/365 - Phoon clones!

Today's theme was "Phoon Me". It's a specific pose. I have no idea, I just play along! I decided on a clone shot too.

Day 103:

104/365 - Love to Leap Thursday

Today's theme was "Love to Leap Thursday". Jump shot's are so damn hard on my back! I was sore for days after this!

Day 104:

105/365 - Friday the 13th

Today's theme was "Creepy, Strange & Unusual" for Friday the 13th.

Day 105:

106/365 - I have the sickness

No theme as I was very ill.

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