Sunday, April 29, 2012

365 Week 16

Day 106:


Today the theme wasn't really something I could be in the photo for so while we were out taking the photo we found this almost 200 year old bell tower in Salisbury. It was awesome!

Day 107:

107/365 - Call my baby lollypop.....

Today's theme was "Lollypop". I got this at the dollar store and I didn't realise until I got it unwrapped that I saw it was broken in half and it fell apart after about 5 shots. Luckily I got 1 I liked.

Day 108:

108/365 - Mawwiage

Today's theme was "Marriage". I don't have anything from our wedding other than my rings so that's what I used.

Day 109:


No theme today

Day 110:

110/365 - Desk Love

Today's theme was "Desk Love". So this is my desk.

Day 111:

111/365 - Clocks

Today's theme was "Clocks". These are all the time zones I keep up with for all my friends and family around the world.

Day 112:

112/365 - Powdery goodness

Today's theme was "Donuts". Pretty self explanatory this one!

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