Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fell Hard

I haven't blogged about much here lately. Especially weight loss and weight watchers. Well there is a big reason.

I kind of fell off the wagon. BIG TIME. I have been eating crap and not counting points at all. And the scales here at home are reflecting a gain of about 5 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I don't know for sure because I haven't been to a meeting in 3 weeks.

I am so disgusted and ashamed with myself. I lost 65lb. I worked so hard over the past year and now I am throwing all that work away.

It started with Billy being home on vacation. I eat when he is home. I don't know why. Happiness? I have never been an emotional eater. When I am upset or angry I don't eat. Stress makes me nauseous so I can't eat when I feel that way. But when I am happy I am always so hungry. So I have been eating and eating like a crazy person.

I swore I would get back on track this week, then I got tonsillitis and felt like crud all week so preparing healthy food was too much. So again, eating crap.

Today I am back on track though. Only eating good food and tracking everything. It's hard. It's like the beginning again. I am so hungry.

I can fix this though. I just have to get my mind back into it. I am not going to destroy all my hard work.


  1. Nikki I can relate. Also another reason you might not eat as well when billy is home is the social reason as well. Your mind is on other things rather than healthy choices, your time is spent with him rather than healthy food preparation, it is like your body is having a holiday when he has a holiday too. And that is ok, you need to have a break at times, being so strict will make you resent everything about being healthy. it sounds like you are back on track now. you will be fine :) p.s. good on you for being honest.

  2. im sorry this is happening to you, and i am sorry for not commenting sooner. i fell into this problem after losing 30kilos and then i put it all back on. plus some. so i really know how you feel but just step back, breathe and remember it is just a day, a week, you can get back into it.... xo. its MUCH easier than starting again.. you know?

  3. Nikki No ! don't do this to yourself please! you have done soo well I am so proud of you and you look amazing<3 please don't give in to this ! remember Healthy food tastes soo much better and you feel soo much better! you know you can still have treats that aren't going to do damage! focuse ans a good time to get to the YMCA! and get moving you can do it <3 <3 <3


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