Thursday, May 31, 2012

365 Week 21

Day 141:

141/365 - We can't stop here!

Today's theme was "Bats" so I went for a "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" look.

Day 142:

142/365 - I'm beside myself

Today's theme was "Beside Myself", basically clone shots of ourselves.

Day 143:

143/365 - Scanned!

Today's theme was "Scanner Darkly". We had to use a scanner to take out shot.

Day 144:

144/365 - Feelin' Blue

Today the theme was "Blue". So I wore all the blue I could find! Lol

Day 145:

145/365 - See no evil

I didn't do the theme today. Wasn't feeling up to it. So thought I would experiment a little.

Day 146:

146/365 - Brain Strain

Today's theme was "Stuff on my head".

Day 147:

147/365 - I broke a fish!

Today's theme was "Smashed and broken".

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

365 Week 20

Day 134:

134/365 - Mother's Day

Today's theme was Mother's, in celebration of Mother's Day. So even though I couldn't be with my mum on Mother's Day, as she is in Australia, I got to spend it with my Mother-in-law, who is just as awesome as my mum.

Day 135:

135/365 - Humming Giants

Today's theme was "Humming Giants" or power pylons. Luckily there are quite a few nearby so we jumped in the car and headed off to find some. Can you see me!!?

Day 136:

136/365 - Triangle

Today's theme was "Triangles". It speaks for itself really.

Day 137:

137/365 - Photography tips

Today's theme was "Photography Tips". To achieve the perfect "Facebook" or "Myspace" profile pic, get yourself a pair of oversized glasses and make like you are trying to hold a pencil between your top lip and nose. Perfect Duckface!

I decided to go the silly route for today's theme!

Day 138:

138/365 - What I ate today

Today's theme was "What I ate today"

Day 139:

139/365 - Show me the money

Today's theme was "Show Me the Money". The only money I had in the house was some Australian coins, so that had to do.

Day 140:

140/365 - My handsome man

I didn't participate in the theme today. Today was Prom day for Ashley and this is us at the vineyard where we went to take photos before prom started. Isn't he handsome!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

365 Week 19

Day 127:


I was way too tired to do any theme today.

Day 128:

128/365 - Beastie Boys

Today we paid tribute to The Beastie Boys. This was my effort.

Day 129:

129/365 - Vest that didn't fit, now fits!

Six Word Stories - "Vest that didn't fit, now fits"

Day 130:

130/365 - Bike Wednesday!

Bike Wednesday.

Day 131:

131/365 - 10 things

10 things. 10 toes :)

Day 132:


Another day I didn't do the theme.

Day 133:

133/365 - Vampires, witches & Aliens

Vampires, Witches & Aliens.

133 days and I haven't yet missed one! I think this is the best streak I have had!! Touch wood I keep it up!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food Diary 10/05

Daily points allowance - 26-29 points


1/4 cup (uncooked) Steel cut oats - 4 points
1/2 cup TJ's soy milk - 1 point
15g honey - 1 point
1 banana - 0 points
Iced coffee made with 1 cup soy milk, coffee & SF syrup - 2 points

Total - 8 points




2 slices TJ's sprouted grain bread - 2 points
25g avocado - 1 point
3 slices center cut bacon - 3 points
tomato & lettuce - 0 points
big salad - 0 points

Total - 6 points




3 TJ's Turkey meatballs - 4 points
150g potato - 3 points
2 tbs sour cream - 1 point
14g 2% cheese - 1 point
14g bacon bits - 1 point
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points
veggies - 0 points

Total - 12 points



1 Reese's Mini PB cup - 1 point

1 apple - 0 points
4oz Dannon Light & fit vanilla yogurt - 1 point

Total -2 points




Dairy – 2+ serves
Oils – 2 serves
Liquid – 
Fruit – 1 banana, 1 apple
Vegies - Lots!

TOTAL = 27 points consumed
46 weekly remaining
# activity points earned


This is my second day back on plan after my craziness and to be honest it has been hard. I am STARVING!


I am feeling that way here lately. Like there is something seriously wrong with me.

How else can I explain what I have been doing to myself the past couple of months.

Insanity. Craziness. Binge eating!!!!

I have been TERRIBLE! And I am terrified if I don't get a handle on it all my work over the past year is going to be for nothing. How can a sane person allow themselves to do this?

But I am sane. I know exactly what I am doing, yet I keep stuffing the food into my mouth.

But it stops now. Yesterday I got back on track and have been on plan for 2 days now.

I cannot undo all I have done. I will not allow it. I CANNOT allow it.

I have gained about 4-5lbs, mostly fluid, but still not good.

I haven't been going to my WW meetings because if I weigh-in and go over my goal weight I have to pay, and I don't want to pay. So I have been skipping them. Last month I left it to the last minute to have my months weigh in and I worked like the devil to get down to my acceptable goal weight for them.

I will have to do that again this month.

But this will be the last time I will do that. Starting now I am back on plan FOR GOOD. This is insanity. I cannot allow myself to be insane.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

365 Week 18

Day 120:

120/365 - Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Today was my theme choice. It was also Ashley's birthday. I asked everyone to send him birthday wishes. And they did! It was wonderful and Ashley loved it!

Day 121:

121/365 - bored to death

Today's theme was "Hypothetical Corpses". So I went with "Bored to Death".

Day 122:

122/365 - Monochrome

Today's theme was "Monochrome"

Day 123:

123/365 - A great way to end the day

I didn't play today's theme. I wanted to do this.

Day 124:

124/365 - 3 worlds

Today's theme was "Three Worlds". The inside, the window and the outside reflected.

Day 125:

125/365 - Looking Up

Today's theme was "Looking Up".

Day 126:

126/365 - 5!

Today's theme was "5" for Cinco De Mayo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

365 Week 17

Day 113:

113/365 - Bed Time Stories

Today's theme was "Bedtime Stories". The BFG is one of my all time favourite books from childhood.

Day 114:

114/365 - St George Day

Today's theme was "St George" for St George's Day. Billy drew the dragon for me!

Day 115:

115/365 - Shoes!

Today's theme was "Portrait of your shoes".

Day 116:

116/365 - Handwriting.

Today's theme was "Handwriting"

Day 117:

117/365 - Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Nietzche

Today's theme was "100 Quotes" and we had to choose from a list of quotes and I chose: Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Nietzche

Day 118:

118/365 - Water Water Water!

Today's theme was "Water" and this was so much fun!

Day 119:

119/365 - X Spot

Today was a copycat day.

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