Tuesday, May 8, 2012

365 Week 18

Day 120:

120/365 - Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Today was my theme choice. It was also Ashley's birthday. I asked everyone to send him birthday wishes. And they did! It was wonderful and Ashley loved it!

Day 121:

121/365 - bored to death

Today's theme was "Hypothetical Corpses". So I went with "Bored to Death".

Day 122:

122/365 - Monochrome

Today's theme was "Monochrome"

Day 123:

123/365 - A great way to end the day

I didn't play today's theme. I wanted to do this.

Day 124:

124/365 - 3 worlds

Today's theme was "Three Worlds". The inside, the window and the outside reflected.

Day 125:

125/365 - Looking Up

Today's theme was "Looking Up".

Day 126:

126/365 - 5!

Today's theme was "5" for Cinco De Mayo.

1 comment:

  1. these are awesome. your kissing shadows are making an upside down heart!

    also, i love your outfit on ashleys birthday post. so cute!

    oh yes, and i totally looked at his flickr group, it was so cute.

    happy birthday ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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