Tuesday, May 29, 2012

365 Week 20

Day 134:

134/365 - Mother's Day

Today's theme was Mother's, in celebration of Mother's Day. So even though I couldn't be with my mum on Mother's Day, as she is in Australia, I got to spend it with my Mother-in-law, who is just as awesome as my mum.

Day 135:

135/365 - Humming Giants

Today's theme was "Humming Giants" or power pylons. Luckily there are quite a few nearby so we jumped in the car and headed off to find some. Can you see me!!?

Day 136:

136/365 - Triangle

Today's theme was "Triangles". It speaks for itself really.

Day 137:

137/365 - Photography tips

Today's theme was "Photography Tips". To achieve the perfect "Facebook" or "Myspace" profile pic, get yourself a pair of oversized glasses and make like you are trying to hold a pencil between your top lip and nose. Perfect Duckface!

I decided to go the silly route for today's theme!

Day 138:

138/365 - What I ate today

Today's theme was "What I ate today"

Day 139:

139/365 - Show me the money

Today's theme was "Show Me the Money". The only money I had in the house was some Australian coins, so that had to do.

Day 140:

140/365 - My handsome man

I didn't participate in the theme today. Today was Prom day for Ashley and this is us at the vineyard where we went to take photos before prom started. Isn't he handsome!

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