Thursday, May 31, 2012

365 Week 21

Day 141:

141/365 - We can't stop here!

Today's theme was "Bats" so I went for a "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" look.

Day 142:

142/365 - I'm beside myself

Today's theme was "Beside Myself", basically clone shots of ourselves.

Day 143:

143/365 - Scanned!

Today's theme was "Scanner Darkly". We had to use a scanner to take out shot.

Day 144:

144/365 - Feelin' Blue

Today the theme was "Blue". So I wore all the blue I could find! Lol

Day 145:

145/365 - See no evil

I didn't do the theme today. Wasn't feeling up to it. So thought I would experiment a little.

Day 146:

146/365 - Brain Strain

Today's theme was "Stuff on my head".

Day 147:

147/365 - I broke a fish!

Today's theme was "Smashed and broken".

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