Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am feeling that way here lately. Like there is something seriously wrong with me.

How else can I explain what I have been doing to myself the past couple of months.

Insanity. Craziness. Binge eating!!!!

I have been TERRIBLE! And I am terrified if I don't get a handle on it all my work over the past year is going to be for nothing. How can a sane person allow themselves to do this?

But I am sane. I know exactly what I am doing, yet I keep stuffing the food into my mouth.

But it stops now. Yesterday I got back on track and have been on plan for 2 days now.

I cannot undo all I have done. I will not allow it. I CANNOT allow it.

I have gained about 4-5lbs, mostly fluid, but still not good.

I haven't been going to my WW meetings because if I weigh-in and go over my goal weight I have to pay, and I don't want to pay. So I have been skipping them. Last month I left it to the last minute to have my months weigh in and I worked like the devil to get down to my acceptable goal weight for them.

I will have to do that again this month.

But this will be the last time I will do that. Starting now I am back on plan FOR GOOD. This is insanity. I cannot allow myself to be insane.

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  1. Hey Nikki, don't let yourself slip! Your success motivated me to start on Weight Watchers - I've lost 4.5 kgs so far since Feb. Show me that the weight CAN be kept off! xx Mira


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