Wednesday, June 6, 2012

365 Week 22

Day 148:

148/365 - Affected

Today's theme was "Affected".

Day 149:


Didn't play any theme today.

Day 150:

150/365 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Today's theme was "80's Songs". I chose "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

Day 151:

151/365 - Side of the road

Today's theme was "Sidewalk/Pavement". We have no sidewalks around here so this is the closest I got.

Day 152:

152/365 - Torch Relay

Today's theme was "Silly Torch Relay"

Day 153:

153/365 - Dollar Store

Today's theme was "Dollar Store Stuff". Some things I picked up at the dollar store.

Day 154:


Today's theme was "Cliché Shots". So I went for the Summer Cliché.

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