Friday, August 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday #2

Technically it's already Friday here but I will still post this!

This week I am thankful for:

  • Songpop - It has re-introduced me into songs I hadn't heard in a while
  • Spotify - allowing me to listen to all of these songs for FREE!
  • Pinterest  - for giving me some really awesome storage and organising ideas!
  • Netflix - To allow us to discover such wonderful TV shows like Breaking Bad.
And for some big ones:

  • Facebook - For allowing me to find a WONDERFUL support group for Fragile X families. It's impossible to describe the feeling of finding people who know what you are going through every single day.
  • My husband - Always thankful for him. Every. Single. Day
  • Ashley - just because he is who he is.
It's been a great week!

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