Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby weight

I recently joined a weight loss support group with lots and lots of mummies trying to drop the extra pounds they got while pregnant.

I have never experienced this. Huh? you ask. Yes I am a mother. But the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Ashley really dropped off fast.

I breastfed and was 18. Plus I was pretty darn healthy back then. My mother's influence was still fresh on my mind with my eating. Plus I was on a strict budget, so take away etc wasn't in the budget.

Before I got pregnant with Ashley I was a tiny wee thing:

Me & my best friend 1991
Me at 15

Me at 16 with Ashley's dad

I was 17 when I fell pregnant and weighed no more than 100-105lbs/45kg. I was really healthy during my pregnancy. I ate very well, I lived with my sister who is EXTREMELY healthy so she made sure I ate good food. But I gained a LOT of weight. The doctor assured me it was mainly water weight and not uncommon.

But I balloned up to about 165lb/75kg. I was so worried I would never lose the weight. I had never been overweight before.

My 18th Birthday
My 18th birthday, 8 months pregnant

After I had Ashley though, the weight just started dropping off. By the time he was a few months old I was back down to around 105-110lb/45-50kg

Me & Ashley 1994

I kept the weight off for about 3 years. So there is no way I can blame any of my weight issues on having a baby. Which kind of stink! hehehe

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  1. WOW! That's me! 105-110, pregnant at 17, baby at (barely) 18, gained a lot (up to about 162), and then lost it fairly fast (less than a year). However, I had another baby at 38! (yes there are 20 years between them). That has been much more difficult to lose. But honestly, I really cannot blame it on that. I've been up and down my whole life, and although I didn't lose the weight after my last child, I didn't gain THAT much (I was already up before getting preggers)! Anyway, you can do this, Nikki! :-)


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