Sunday, September 30, 2012

My best weightloss advice

Now I don't consider myself an expert or anything even remotely close to one. NO WAY! But I know what worked for me when I lost all my weight so I thought I might share my best tips and advice and hopefully I might be able to help someone.

  1. Keep a food diary. No matter if you are doing Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting etc, keeping track of what you are eating helps in so many ways. First of all you are able to tell how much you are eating and stay within your limit. Also you can go back and look at the good weeks and see what you ate. It also is a mental thing that makes you accountable, it's in writing so you can't hide it, even if it's just from yourself.
  2. Get a set of kitchen scales and measuring cups, spoons and jug. Measure everything liquid, weigh everything else. Eye balling portions won't work. 1 chicken breast can be 300g another can be 150g. Weigh everything. 
  3. Keep healthy snacks on hand all the time. If you work take fresh fruit, nuts, string cheese, greek yogurt on hand in case you get hungry. Pack your lunch if you can. It's easier knowing what is in your lunch than taking a chance at a cafe etc.
  4. Treat yourself occasionally. Depriving yourself of everything forever will not work, plus you will be miserable. I allow myself some ice cream occasionally, but I portion it out, track it then enjoy. Once in a while I treat myself to a full fat, with whip latte from Starbucks. It's a good thing the Pumpkin Spice latte is only available for a few months!
  5. Find a support system. Wether it's your partner, a friend or an online community. It helps so much having others who know what you are going though.
  6. Don't let 1 bad meal ruin a whole day. Or 1 day ruin a whole week. Or one whole... well you know what I mean. I heard a quote once that has always stuck with me. "If you trip on a stair but don't fall, you wouldn't just throw yourself down the rest of them would you?" It's so true. If you have a bad day, don't sweat it. In the scheme of things, it really won't make much of a blip. Just dust yourself off and get back on that horse.
  7. Reward yourself with non food rewards. Even if you have a tight budget, go to Goodwill or a local thrift store with $20. You can find some great things and hopefully in smaller sizes too :)
  8. Take pride in how you look. If you do your hair and make-up you will feel great, which gives you confidence and that will help you keep on track.
  9. Try new things. Experiment with new recipes. New foods. Try different vegetables and fruits. The internet has millions of recipes. Don't be afraid to branch out!
  10. Have fun! Don't think of it as hard work. Make it part of your life. Embrace it. Embrace the healthy new you! 
I hope those were helpful to someone. Also if you have tips you would like to add, please add them in the comments! The more tips and advice the better!


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    It's great that there are lots of weight loss programs where to choose from... to choose something good!

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