Sunday, September 30, 2012

Official weigh in

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Ok so I hopped on the new scales this morning and weighed in at the above weight. I compared with the old scales and they only showed a 0.1lb difference (this time Lol) so I am assuming I have lost a couple of pounds already since Wednesday's weigh in of 165lb. Yay!

But I am setting this weight this morning as my first initial weigh in, as it was on the new scales.

I also got my Body fat reading:

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Not great, but it's something to work on!

So wish me luck! Here I go! It's 8 weeks to Thanksgiving. I would love to be as close to 150lb by then. So that's 12.4lb in 10 weeks. It's possible!


  1. you can so do this Nikki!! with you every step!! x

  2. That's a very reasonable goal! I'd like to lose around 10-12 pounds as well.. Lets do it! Good luck girl!


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