Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

So I have been wanting to organise my drawers for a while now. I have space issues in my dressers and closet and am always trying different things to make the most of the space I have.

I finally found some great space saving ideas that also look cool.

First of all for my underwear drawer I came up with a great way to use the Benji Boxes I won back in Australia for my shoes. I bought them with me in the move as they flattened to fit in my suitcases.

I have had them in my closet not doing much of anything because I have my shoes in a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door.

So I took 4 of them and used them to organise my underwear drawer.


It worked out perfectly as there was just enough space left on the side for my corsets. 

Then I organised my t-shirt drawer in a way that made it so I can see every shirt that is in there and they fit better too.


So now my dresser is so much neater and organised and it's so much easier to find things.

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