Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bat country!

You will understand the meaning of today's title in a little bit.


Reading - I just finished "A Breath of Snow & Ashes" loved it! These books are just too good
Watching - Watched Psycho for the first time last night. Yep, it took me that long to watch a 50 year old movie! I LOVED it! I want to watch more Hitchcock! He was amazing! Also VERY happy that Walking Dead is back!
Listening to - Maroon 5's new album, Overexposed. And loving it!

So Billy went back to work tonight. After having like 11 days off. Gosh it was wonderful! I don't get to see a lot of him with his work schedule and I really like him a lot, so I miss him like crazy most of the time. But we need to buy food and pay bills and stuff so he has to go back.. booooooooooooooo

It's probably a good thing though cause I can get back into a better eating/sleeping/exercise routine again. Although he has been so great going for walks with me and telling me I already look skinny even though I know he is lying! I love him!


I decided today after lunch to go for a walk. It was a gorgeous day so I loaded up the iPhone with some music and headed out to walk up and down our street. I have to stick to our road as the other choice is a busy, scary road or a really big hill! So I just did laps of our road.

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First walk

Then after dinner I went again! This time was a little scary because it was dark and there was a big storm just north of us and the thunder and lightning was bad! Plus there were bats flying around, spiderwebs across the street and even a black cat. It is close to Halloween! But bats seriously! So freaky!

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Second walk

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Big storm!
So 30 minutes all up of walking. Pretty proud of myself! I am going to try to do this every day and hopefully get some other exercise in there too.

Yesterday we were in Target and I had some money from selling some of my clothes and I was looking at their shoes, cause no matter my weight, I can always fit into my shoes! Lol Anyway I found these CUTE cowgirl boots. I have always wanted a pair but they are usually pretty expensive. But these were on sale for $30

Cassie likes them too
Things will be back to normal and I will be posting at least once a day now, probably twice a day, a normal post then a food diary. If there is anything you want me to blog about, please let me know in the comments, they are open to all!


  1. well done on the walk!! with it being scary it probably made you walk faster! love the boots too :) x

    1. I reckon I jumped a good 5 feet every time the lightning struck! hahaha

  2. Eek! Bats?! That would motivate me to move. I love cowboy boots, which reminds me that I want some for Christmas. Yee Haw :)

  3. Good girl Nikki! I know first hand how harditis to be motivated to exercise on your own! Bats and cobwebs must make it that much harder. Keep up the good work. Mira


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