Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday Favs vlog


I know it's REALLY late but I finally did this! I messed up, I got the Kindle for my birthday, not Christmas lol

I love the screen cap it has for my video too.. NOT!



  1. this is fab! I was surprised when you said metallica because i was sitting here saying 'she is going to say duran duran!!' LMAO @ the working out question too, you can do it!! xx

  2. Great vlog, Nikki! I am glad you joined up anyway. We will probably have another one at the end of this month-- watch for it on my blog.

    And I am looking at your Weight Watcher column on the right... Wow!! You are awesome lasy... Is 145 the latest?

  3. Holly, sadly that isn't my current weight. I have gained a little since hitting goal. The BOT weights are current, just above the WW ones. I will get back down there though!


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