Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here and there part 1

Ok so this is my first post dedicated to talking about the differences between living here and back in Australia. Today I am going to focus on the actual physical locations.

The majority of Australians live on or very near the coast. So the ocean is something that is pretty normal for us to see and visit. I grew up in North Queensland right at the beginning of the Great Barrier Reef. So beautiful blue water and coral reefs were something I was very used to. Then we moved to Perth on the other side of the country which I believe has even more beautiful beaches. Like this:

Rockingham Beach Jan 08

Rockingham Beach Jan 08

I lived in the suburbs of Perth moving quite a few times but usually pretty close to the city itself. I could usually get into the city within about 15-20 minutes. For many years I actually worked in the city.

Perth city & the ferry

I worked for quite large companies with hundreds if not thousands of people worked for. I was always around people all day.

We lived in a fairly new development where houses were quite close to each other. You could hear your neighbours if they were outside and they could hear you. But the house was huge and brand new. Here is a video I took back then showing the street I lived on:

We rented that house, there is no way we would have afforded to buy a house like that, even though we both earned quite good money.

There was a rather large shopping centre (mall) near us, walking distance really and a few restaurants and supermarkets all within a 5 min drive. We used to walk to the local fresh produce stand and back for exercise. We also had a huge park with a lake in the middle with swans and ducks. There were bicycle paths on all the streets and I could catch a bus within a block of my house.

Then we moved to the USA, about 300 miles inland. Into the home my husband had before we met. It was his bachelor pad. It was very different to what I was used to.

I Am Trailer Trash

I know it's not fancy and it's not my dream home. But it is home. It's small and the roof leaks in places. But we can afford it. We also get to see this when we drive down the street:




It's so beautiful out here. It's so quiet. It's so far away from EVERYTHING! There is no public transport. There is no where to walk without killing yourself or getting hit by cars going 60+ miles an hour. Forget about walking to the store.

The closest city is a good 45min drive away. I have only ever been in there once in 4 years!

Skunks get run over and stink up the whole place. Vultures eat sad skunk. Coyotes stand on the side of the road watching you drive past.

The stars are so clear out here I can see the Andromeda Galaxy so clear it's not funny. I can have a dog or 2. And a cat. A goat if I wanted.

It also snows here.


I don't get to see many people nowadays, other than my husband and son. Because of our location it's hard for me to find a job plus the fact I don't yet have my US drivers license (Long story). So it's weird for me to be so isolated all the time.

If someone asked me which is the better place to live, in regards to the physical aspect, I don't know if I could answer. But here are some pros and cons, of mine, of both places.

Here pros:

It's quiet. Except for the occasional gunshot.
We have a huge yard.
We can have pets.
I love that we get snow and have a cold Christmas.
I love the wildlife eg: squirrels, deer etc
The leaves changing is so pretty.
Near mountains.
It's America!

Here cons:

We are so far away from everything.
Our house isn't what I wish it was.
It gets a bit too hot in Summer.
The ocean is too far away.

There pros:

Close to everything.
Houses are nicer.
Ocean is so close.
It's Australia!

There cons:

Neighbours too close.
Hot Christmas! I always hated that!
House wasn't ours.
Noisy neighbours.

So there you go. My first of many parts to come about the differences between living here and living there!

Hope you enjoyed! If there is anything you would like me to talk about let me know!


  1. What a beautiful place to live! Be proud of what you have and never dis your house. People have it far worse. xoxoxo

  2. I'm not really dissing it. It's just I wish it was a little bigger. We want to have a baby but we can't in a house this small. It's a whole lot more complicated than that of course, but I won't go into it. But I am grateful we have a house. Truly!

  3. I recognize Rocky foreshore Nikki, have lived near the sae all my life,don't know how I would handle living inland!! Never been in snow either, picture is Beautiful!!!shame you can't walk along the road, think I would be more scared of the coyotes than the cars though !!!!!

  4. Great blog Nikki - I look forward to reading the next one. Where you live is beautiful, but I can definitely empathise with the loneliness aspect of it. I can see how important the internet would be for you in keeping in touch with others. You are such a sociable person. Keep the blogs coming. Cheers.

  5. Definitely pros and cons of living anywhere :) Both are beautiful in their own ways. I would love to see a post about the food differences between here and there. I know that can be a difficult adjustment for anyone!! xx

  6. Oh Kate you know I am going to do a food post! I might have to do a few of them cause there is a LOT!

  7. I wish we could somehow have somewhere to live that was a little of both. Before i met you nothing could ever tear me away from NC but i'd live anywhere as long as i had you and Ash.

    I hear Florida is nice :)


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