Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivation Monday

Endless love

Ohh weddings. Such wonderful things. Full of love and flowers and big white dresses. The bride is beaming and all the guests are so happy. There is a first dance, speeches etc.

Well not at every wedding and most definitely not at ours. Let me reassure you, our wedding was one of the happiest days of my life. I married the love of my life. But I did not like our wedding. We were married at the registry office. I was overweight. I didn't feel pretty. I felt fat and ugly. I hate every single photo that was taken that day. Here are some of me on our wedding day:




So for years we have talked about having a renewal ceremony over here so a) his family could be involved and b) so we could have a proper wedding c) have some professional photos taken

Years keep passing by though and it has yet to happen. When I hit my goal weight earlier this year I actually started really looking forward to doing it. I was imagining myself in all these pretty dresses. We want to do it in this really pretty park not to far from our house and it would be in either Spring or Fall and casual. So I want my dress to be fun not overly formal.

Something like these:

My mum has a dress that she wants to give me also that might work. But she is in Australia. But I hope that she is able to come to, as she wasn't able to be at our wedding.

Since I gained some of the weight back this is one of the things that has been plaguing me. I really want to look my best for this, if it ever happens so I need to focus and get back on track and stay there. I hope that it does happen eventually. Maybe it will be for our 10th anniversary! Lol (2016)

Who knows but it's a goal and motivation!

If you could redo something in your life what would it be?


  1. my wedding was crap. I wish we had eloped and not had to deal with the family dramas of it all. Not having it the way we wanted on the day sucked. Feuding families, family members cracking the shits at my friends at the wedding, annika was only several weeks old and was very very unsettled that day, constantly crying. if it wasnt for the wedding i would have taken her to hospital she was that out of sorts. the list is endless. hmm.. i dont know what I would redo in my life. I have regrets about some things but I cannot change them now. :(

    1. Oh Kate that sucks!!!!! I often think I was lucky that I didn't have to worry about family drama and all that. But I do wish that Billy's family could have been there.

      Also we never even got to have a reception and no bridal shower or gifts or anything. Not even an engagement party.

  2. Sounds lovely Nikki, I would love to renew our wedding vowels as well one day maybe when the kids are grown up at bit more, we just past our 10 year wedding ann. & went to a wedding on the day.

    I don't think I would re do anything in life it is what it is, maybe little bit closer to family so warren & my self could have a break from the kids for one night & go out to dinner together & a few drinks.

  3. I wouldn't redo anything at this point. It makes me who I am. But I love your plan, and I like that I will be around to watch you reach your goal!!

  4. Nikki stay possitive it will happen! get motivated get back to your goal weight!! as soon as I sell my home I will be on a plane over ! and we will have that Wedding ! i don't care if it's snowing or whatever!! it will happen I promise you <3


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