Sunday, October 28, 2012

Questions answered

Ok so a few days ago I post that readers could ask me anything and I got a bunch of questions. So here are my answers.

Person 1: 

How far from town do you live? 
The closest town is about 10 minute drive but it's pretty small, there are 2 supermarkets and that's about it. The closest place for real shopping is about 20-30 minutes drive depending on which direction. The closest city, Charlotte, is about 45 minutes drive.

Your photos seem to indicate that there are not many people around where you live, do you feel isolated at times?
I live in a tiny little neighbourhood that probably consists of about 40 houses/trailers. All around us are farms. It used to all be farmland until someone developed this small area for a residential area.I feel very isolated, mainly because I don't have my drivers licence and Billy sleeps most of the day and works nights so I am at home a lot. With Ashley at school I spend a lot of time by myself. If I had my license I could get out of the house and do more, but it's just not possible at the moment.

Do you feel a sense of home where you are? Or do you which you still lived in Australia? 
My husband and his parents have been really great at making me feel at home here. In a perfect world we would live in Australia. But life is never perfect.

Do you have a BFF other than your hubby?
I hardly have any friends never mind a best friend. It's hard to make friends when you can't go anywhere.

How is your reading list going? 
Well I have been reading just not what's on that list! Lol I need to fix that!

Do you like the four seasons where you are?
I love them all except Summer. YUCK!

Do you miss your mum?
I do but I have always lived far away from her since I was 15, so I am used to it. But I used to see her every year or so but this has been the longest time I haven't seen her.

Person 2: 

What did you do when you hit a plateau with your weight - I feel I have done that - how can I get motivated again? 
I was really lucky and never really hit a plateau. I had bad weeks but that was usually my own fault. I have heard some great tips for breaking plateaus though: changing your exercise routine, adding more or changing what you're doing. Change your food, eat more at 1 meal, less for another. Things like that. Give your body a shock.

Person 3: 

What's the biggest cultural difference do you think? I honestly think it's religion. Living in Australia I probably knew 5 people in my whole life who attended church and half of them were not Christian or Catholic. Here Religion is a big thing. It's very in your face.

Thanks to those who asked questions!! I loved answering them! If anyone else has any more, please leave them in the comments. I take comments from everyone, you don't have to have an account, you can be anonymous or use the Name/URL option and leave the URL field blank. Thanks!


  1. Hey lady I nominate you!!! Check out my latest post for details!

  2. This was a great way to get to know you better -- I didn't realize you didn't have your license. That would definitely be very hard especially when you are not in a very big town or even the city where there are many choices to do something by foot or bike. I love your blog! Just became a follower this week!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes it is awful! Basically it's a financial thing why I haven't gotten it. In NC you have to have insurance before getting your licence and my husband has been on his parents since he was 16. So we would have to get our own policy and with me having no driving record it will be high. So that is why we haven't done it. But we are going to try to do it soon cause it's starting to really affect me.

  3. thanks for sharing, I love the question and answer!


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