Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week catchup

Ok so I just wanted to post about some things we got up to this week and share some photos and stuff.

Earlier in the week we went shopping and Billy let me get a Heart Rate Monitor so I can accurately work out my calories burnt while I am walking and eventually maybe running.

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My new HRM

297/365 - Hanging with my man
Heading to the store :)
It's been gorgeous weather here all week. 


Some bad news, our dryer isn't working at the moment so we had to visit the local Laundromat and dry a bunch of clothes. That was fun... NOT. But Billy was with me and he kept me entertained. We played 20 questions. He kicked my butt.

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I realised a couple of days ago I hadn't touched my camera in about 2 weeks! I was shocked! I have been taking my 365 shots with my phone. I feel so LAZY!! So yesterday I went outside and took some shots. Nothing amazing but I will still share because it's been so long!

Pompus grass



Pretty sky

I had a great loss this week. I lost 3.3lb/1.5kg. Pretty happy about that!

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Today I used my HRM for the first time and did an almost 1.5 mile walk. It felt really good and I actually wanted to keep going. I think having the HRM helps mentally because I can see my heart rate and all the other info and it makes me feel like I am doing something.

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After my walk I chilled on the couch and got kitty love!


Billy has to work up until next Friday now. So I will be so bored and lonely BUT I always eat better when he isn't here. He makes me comfortable so I get lazy. I eat when I am comfortable.

We are hoping to get up with friends on his 4 days off to go and see Silent Hill 2 and also other friends to hang out!! We miss our friends heaps! We very rarely get to see them because of his work schedule.

Hope every had a great week! Here's to the weekend!


  1. Go Nikki Great to see.I've been really slack since being back home from Melbourne!! I need to get motivated and get out walking too! thanks your helping me lots <3 Mum

  2. well done on your loss !! so proud of you and love your photos when you USE YOUR CAMERA!! just stunning :)

  3. I love little graph things like that. Fun!!


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