Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

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Down 3.3lb/1.5kg

Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!! The top is last Thursday's weight and the bottom is this mornings! Down 3.3lb/1.5kg. So freakin happy!

I am thinking the walking has been helping! My eating has been really good too. So in a month I have lost 6.7lb/3kg. Not bad!

Also Billy let me get a Heart Rate Monitor so I can accurately track the calories that I am burning.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Hi fellow Blogger! I tried commenting on your post yesterday but my computer freaked out and it didn't post.
    I was wishing you luck on changing your calorie intake...It looks like it did or at least the walking helped like you said. Congrats on 3.3lbs! That's awesome!

    Would you share some tips with me on blogging? How do you make catagories? How do you get more readers? How do you come up with topics?
    Any help is appreciated. Thank you Nikki!

    1. Hi Whitney! Thanks for commenting!!

      When you say catagories I am assuming you mean the tabs up the top of my blog? If so that is "Pages" under dashboard. You can add and edit them in the layout section of Blogger.

      It has taken me a LONG time to get this many readers. I got a lot her recently sharing my blog on the ML FB group. I don't get a lot of comments though, I wish I got more though. I say just share your blog as much as possible and follow and comment on other blogs.

      Coming up with topics is hard. I ask readers for what they would like me to write about plus I share things about life etc.

      If you want to know anything else let me know!

  2. Way to go on the weigh in this week. That is honestly an amazing loss! You should be so proud!

    I use my heart rate monitor every workout and it is much easier and accurate in tracking your calories!

    I am hoping your weight loss vibes pass on to me this week! WAY TO GO!

  3. Way to go! What an amazing weight loss! Totally hoping that vibe passes off onto me for next week.

    I use my heart rate monitor every workout and it is much more accurate in tracking calories. What type/kind did you get?

    1. I got a Sportline Cardio Connect. Thanks!!

  4. Good work! I want that vibe too :)


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