Thursday, November 1, 2012

Say my name

Running on Empty

I have had so many blogs with different names I really can't remember them all. Before this one, it was Downsize Me, which was a purely weight loss blog. 

This blog was created when I moved from Australia to the USA with my hubby and son and was to keep friends and family up to date with everything. I didn't post much and didn't really generate many readers. Then in the past couple of years it mainly became a weightloss blog. Now I have a bunch of readers and try to blog everyday.

The name Aus 2 USA was the original name but I changed it to Aussie in the USA so it was more clear. 

Not very original :)


  1. I've had a bunch of blogs too. :) I go all gung ho for awhile then abandon it, and start fresh down the road.


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