Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday #1

Christmas 2009

Yep this is going to be a sappy one. And long. Sorry :)

Ok so that gorgeous man up there is my husband, Billy. We have been married almost 7 years. 7 of the most wonderful years of my life. Our story is an unusual one. You can read about it here: Love Story

So why am I thankful for him? Well let me count the ways.

#1. He is funny. He has a warped, twisted sense of humour that I just love. Because our first year was spent just talking, him having a great sense of humour was a big factor in me falling in love with him.


105. Something funny
Out take Valentines Day 2012

He honestly has me in stitches A LOT! And thankfully our sense of humour is very similar so we come up with the wackiest things sometimes that would make most people shake their heads.

#2. He is a wonderful Step-father to Ashley. When I first told him about Ashley, intellectually disability and all, I honestly though that would be it and he would be running for the hills. But it didn't phase him in the least. Ashley was 11 when we met and it usually took Ashley a very long time to take to people. But he loved Billy from the very beginning, and vice versa.

Ashley & Billy
Billy & Ashley 2007

Ashley & his step-dad
Billy & Ashley 2008

Ashley is too tall!
Billy & Ash being silly!

Ashley skating for the first time. 

At Dan Nicholas Park. Ashley's first time on a pedal boat.


#3. The way he loves me.

His love for me is immeasurable. I am humbled by it all the time. I love him so much it hurts. I feel like we as a pair have our own gravity and no one else can penetrate it. 

03. Love


47/365 - Shel Silverstein

New Years Eve

He is always so happy to do whatever it takes me to make me happy. He is such a great sport and will join in on my silly photography ideas at the drop of a hat.

49/365 - Revealed!
NO he isn't really flashing me! It's for my 365 project!

160/365 - Let them eat cake!

38/365 - Flickr Rock Band!

#4. He loves animals.


Billy & Ollie


#5. He dances with me even though he thinks he is terrible.


117/365 - Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Nietzche

#6. He supports me is everything I do. 

Whether it's taking me to Trader Joe's on 2 hours sleep so I can get healthy food for my weight loss journey or to a scrapbook store so I can get card stock, he never complains. 

What I am mostly thankful for is that he chose me. 

365 outtake

I am the luckiest girl that ever was.


  1. Awww beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!! Happy Anniversary

  2. How sweet, Nikki! It is so great when you find the one.

  3. awww i love all the pictures!!! SO totally sweet, it sounds like you have a great guy there niki!! that is exactly how i feel about my hubby. i love him SO much!!!!!

  4. Awww! I love this post- im a sappy sally, so I love stuff like this. We have good hubbys- why not brag a little? :)

  5. You two are so cute together! Loved this post, it was very sweet. Great pics! I love the one of him flashing you.

  6. Awww, I love your husband too! ;) He sounds like the perfect match for you. You are a very lucky girl, but he is lucky to have you too! I loved reading this post. Awesome!

  7. Your hubby is so cute! I loved reading this post today. It sounds like you found your perfect match. Awesome!!

  8. What a lovely post. You two look so happy in love, thanks for the happy sappy read!

  9. That was such a sweet post! make sure he has time to read this one. And what wonderful pictures!

  10. Good for you, true love is so rare! It's nice to see it can exist. Is that your cat?? I LOVE cats. ~ Jen J.

    1. Yes that is our kitty! Her name is Cassiopeia (Cassie). Check out the Pets tab and you can see more of her :)

  11. Enjoyed this post. It's so awesome to see that true love can exist. I can be so rare.

    Is that your cat?? Love.

    ~Jen J.

  12. Wow! This is such an awesome post! Love is such a great thing to be thankful for!

  13. this is sooo sweet!! it is so wonderful that you found such an amazing man to share your life with! and you take some great pictures girly!


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