Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Food Diaries 29 & 30th Jan

I missed yesterdays food diary so here are 2 days worth.

29th January:


 photo 1BF26F88-2178-4137-8969-22951E3AB2FB-7520-000005A25806216A.jpg

1 x Luna Bar - 180 calories
4 tbs SF Hazelnut creamer - 60 calories
prenatal vitamin

Total - 240 calories


 photo E6B61D01-8F11-4BEA-857C-95EECDC6037B-7520-000005A24B0608A2.jpg

32g Aldi ranch rice cakes - 140 calories

Not healthy at all I know!


 photo ACECDE7D-B31C-4CBF-BB66-AC6302EF8E7E-7520-000005A23FE23892.jpg

2 x Fit n Active wraps - 200 calories
1.5 serves chicken salsa - 429 calories
28g shredded 2% cheese - 80 calories
sour cream - 60 calories
guacamole - 30 calories

Ok this is where things went a little pear shaped. The above is about 750 calories and if I had stopped there I would have been ok. BUT I ate some more guacamole, some more chicken and I went way over.

And I kind of lost count.


Oh I ate dessert after that too.

1 x Smart ones toffee sundae - 140 calories

I am estimating I consumed about 1700 calories roughly. And that's ROUGH!!

30th January:

Today was way better!


 photo B71DAF54-89DE-4827-A202-2A8A1DA20C17-9657-000007249E60F1AD.jpg

1 x Luna bar - 180 calories
4 tbs SF Hazelnut creamer - 60 calories
prenatal vitamin

Total - 240 calories


 photo AF685EE1-50AA-4F9A-8E09-A8592BBEFC1A-9657-00000724AAA2BC2D.jpg

salad veggies: 56 calories
120g edamame - 180 calories
4 tbs FF balsamic dressing - 50 calories

Total - 286 calories


 photo 6FADD96C-731F-4469-9B31-C7ED4AE7C9B3-9657-00000724B8934057.jpg

90g wild salmon - 128 calories
2 tsp canola oil - 80 calories
120g sweet potato - 103 calories
brussel sprouts - 56 calories

Total - 367 calories


 photo 71D7AEA1-7014-4CFC-A463-FE97038A0353-9657-00000724C4CBB0CE.jpg

1 apple - 56 calories
227g 0% fat greek yogurt, plain - 120 calories
15g honey - 46 calories
12g PB2 - 45 calories

Total - 267 calories


Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Calories available - 1200
Calories used - 1160

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weigh-in day

So I haven't been posting my weigh-ins. The last one was back in November!!

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps2c765241.png

I have been slowly losing since then, sticking to counting calories and getting in some exercise. I have done a couple of virtual 5k's with an online fitness group I am part of. I did one just this past Monday in honour of Australia Day.

So I weighed in this morning and got this:

 photo AB4B5622-26E7-4D51-B61B-72919262FA43-7044-00000561037D7219.jpg

So almost 6lb in 2 months. And seeming I am really close to my goal weight, that is pretty good. I have always been a slower loser which doesn't bother me at all. I don't have lose skin or anything like that.

I need to get within 2lbs of 146lb to go back to WW without paying. So I am pretty close!!

Hoping to get there by the end of February. Will be hitting the gym as much as possible!

Food Diary 28/01

I am back with food diaries!! Wooooo! Kate will be happy! ;)

I was off to the gym this morning so I just had a small breakfast:

 photo 50C6AE47-707D-49E1-AFE0-DC2946D40D71-5250-000003F7E5B2A18A.jpg

1 x Yoplait Greek Yogurt coconut - 110 calories
4 tbs SF hazelnut creamer - 60 calories
prenatal vitamin

Total - 170 calories

After going to the gym and doing my belated Australia Day 5k on the treadmill:

 photo 27516BAE-CE0B-4826-AB78-17BEEAEAF436-5250-000003F7E1BB074F.jpg

I headed to the post office to mail off some clothes I sold (yay for losing weight and selling my bigger sizes!!) then hit up Food Lion for a few groceries. I decided to grab a couple of protein bars that I keep reading about and see how they are. My "lunch" was this:

 photo B913D76E-6AAD-4A98-8DBD-93D4A3A87E64-5250-000003F7DB05B21A.jpg

I x Luna Protein choc peanut bar - 190 calories

Total - 190 calories

I made the boys tuna past and mac n cheese for dinner (blurrgghh!) and made myself a yummy warm steak salad:

 photo 895F46BA-3903-4CE1-9DD4-E8217ABC7361-5599-0000042D510274EB.jpg

155g lean beef - 230 calories
100g sweet potato - 86 calories
284g butternut squash - 108 calories
2 tsp canola oil - 80 calories
arugula & spring mix - 26 calories
30g avocado - 48 calories

Total - 578 calories

It was SO GOOD!!!! I roasted the veggies and dry fried the steak then drizzled balsamic vinegar over it. Really yummy!

Dessert was a pretty regular staple:

 photo B012FE6D-5492-487B-BDD8-E2B137E839E1-5599-0000042D47F91603.jpg

110g 0% fat free greek yogurt - 60 calories
70g frozen berries - 35 calories
10g sliced raw almonds - 59 calories
7g bittersweet choc chips - 40 calories

1 x navel orange - 49 calories

Total - 243 calories


52 mins of walking on treadmill 3.5 miles per hour - 316 calories (I got 2 different readings so I met in the middle)


 photo 55BAC79E-3834-426E-BD49-1FC6AE6B4179-5599-000004320B76E07C.jpg

Total calories available: 1566
Total used: 1181


I am really proud of myself for going to the gym, being under my calories and blogging again!! :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Big News & updates

2922E92E-A514-40E7-83FE-01C643D10B67-5250-000003F7F34FE873 photo 2922E92E-A514-40E7-83FE-01C643D10B67-5250-000003F7F34FE873-1_zps699c46db.jpg

Someone got their drivers license FINALLY!!!!!

I have had a few people make snide remarks about how long it took for us to do this. Well let me just take a minute to address this. When you have never had a US drivers license, your auto insurance more than triples. So it was a financial thing for the most part. PLUS we only have 1 car and so even if I had my license, most of the time I don't have access to a car, so there was no real point.

But we finally decided it was time and I got it! I aced all the tests. I didn't get 1 question wrong in the written test and aced the driving test too. It's been so awesome being able to run to the store while Billy is asleep or go to the YMCA to work out. Which I have done a couple of times already! WOOO!!

285EEFC7-AED3-40B9-9E25-7AF10E546879-5250-000003F7EB287E9F photo 285EEFC7-AED3-40B9-9E25-7AF10E546879-5250-000003F7EB287E9F-1_zps85b75732.jpg

So I haven't updated on here in FOREVER!! So bad!! So what else is happening. Well I am slowly getting back down to my goal weight. I am now around 151lb. It's been kind of slow going with Thanksgiving & Christmas but things are back to normal and with me being able to get to the gym that will hopefully put things on full gear. I REALLY want to start going to back to Weight Watchers but I need to get down within 2lb of my goal weight, 146lb or else I have to pay, and I want to do that.

Billy has been working a lot as usual. He is on a new schedule which is good and bad. Which is also pretty normal. Ashley is good. Still loving school and being a great kid.

I am going to try to post food diaries again and other things. I also am going to start looking for some part time work too. That will be a big help.

Hope everyone is good! 

 photo 220764E8-9A2F-4AA9-8514-5BE9AA579056-5250-000003F7EF3CCC92.jpg

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sorry sorry!

Man I have been so bad at blogging!! One of my NY resolutions was to blog more!

But I will be doing a series of Looking back at 2012 posts here soon. Hope you guys stick with me and I haven't lost too many readers!!
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