Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Diary 28/01

I am back with food diaries!! Wooooo! Kate will be happy! ;)

I was off to the gym this morning so I just had a small breakfast:

 photo 50C6AE47-707D-49E1-AFE0-DC2946D40D71-5250-000003F7E5B2A18A.jpg

1 x Yoplait Greek Yogurt coconut - 110 calories
4 tbs SF hazelnut creamer - 60 calories
prenatal vitamin

Total - 170 calories

After going to the gym and doing my belated Australia Day 5k on the treadmill:

 photo 27516BAE-CE0B-4826-AB78-17BEEAEAF436-5250-000003F7E1BB074F.jpg

I headed to the post office to mail off some clothes I sold (yay for losing weight and selling my bigger sizes!!) then hit up Food Lion for a few groceries. I decided to grab a couple of protein bars that I keep reading about and see how they are. My "lunch" was this:

 photo B913D76E-6AAD-4A98-8DBD-93D4A3A87E64-5250-000003F7DB05B21A.jpg

I x Luna Protein choc peanut bar - 190 calories

Total - 190 calories

I made the boys tuna past and mac n cheese for dinner (blurrgghh!) and made myself a yummy warm steak salad:

 photo 895F46BA-3903-4CE1-9DD4-E8217ABC7361-5599-0000042D510274EB.jpg

155g lean beef - 230 calories
100g sweet potato - 86 calories
284g butternut squash - 108 calories
2 tsp canola oil - 80 calories
arugula & spring mix - 26 calories
30g avocado - 48 calories

Total - 578 calories

It was SO GOOD!!!! I roasted the veggies and dry fried the steak then drizzled balsamic vinegar over it. Really yummy!

Dessert was a pretty regular staple:

 photo B012FE6D-5492-487B-BDD8-E2B137E839E1-5599-0000042D47F91603.jpg

110g 0% fat free greek yogurt - 60 calories
70g frozen berries - 35 calories
10g sliced raw almonds - 59 calories
7g bittersweet choc chips - 40 calories

1 x navel orange - 49 calories

Total - 243 calories


52 mins of walking on treadmill 3.5 miles per hour - 316 calories (I got 2 different readings so I met in the middle)


 photo 55BAC79E-3834-426E-BD49-1FC6AE6B4179-5599-000004320B76E07C.jpg

Total calories available: 1566
Total used: 1181


I am really proud of myself for going to the gym, being under my calories and blogging again!! :)


  1. love seeing your food diaries!! that is fantastic to see Nikki, keep up the great work x

  2. Yay!!!! So glad to see you are back!!!! :) You are rockin this girl and you got some good lookin eats goin on there!! Cant wait to see more!!

  3. I have missed your blog and the food diaries! Yay for gym time! You rock!!! XO

  4. I'd love to add you to my friends list on MFP!
    You really do inspire to try different things and stay on plan :)


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