Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fusia Noodles from Aldi

 photo 6E8E4F67-BEED-4A7A-85CD-E3CF64B7F155-15998-00000CDD97838A66.jpg

A few months ago I was shopping at Aldi and came across these. I was intrigued as I love Asian noodles so I thought I would give them a go. They come in a few different flavours: Teriyaki, Roasted peanut and Soy ginger. They were no more than $2 a box.

The calories aren't too bad especially when I make up 4 servings instead of the suggested 3 on the box.

 photo 30728955-340A-4334-9061-F38850D21EE6-15998-00000CDD8CB4FE6C.jpg

And no weird, unnatural ingredients!!

 photo 09E020E5-E55B-4DB3-978D-AE9AB9A2FFBF-15998-00000CDD92451C38.jpg

What I do is steam a whole bunch of veggies like broccoli, carrots etc. Then I cooked some chicken breast tenderloins then put it aside, then saute some onion in the same pan. I boil the noodles then add them and the steamed veggies to the chicken and onions, mix in the sauce and viola! Yummy healthy dinner!!

 photo 4A08F6EF-0EF9-46AA-9BC3-5D541CE5B4FE-15998-00000CDD9CD6DF81.jpg


  1. I love discovering random (and cheap!) stuff at Aldi's. I'll have to look for this! New follower from MLFC.. stopping by from :)

  2. fantastic idea!! i love aldis!!

  3. Thank you!!!! It looks delicious!!! I just remembered you posted this & came searching for the recipe lol!! I'm so glad it's so easy!!!


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