Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weigh-in 18th March

So my goal this week was to get below 150lb. Last week I weighed in at 150.1lb so it wasn't a huge goal. But I really wanted to be below 150 before my birthday. And guess what!!!

 photo 85F7ADAB-8784-47F2-9EB3-2FE567C7C1E7-1325-00000173A538113C.jpg

YAY!! I am so freakin happy!!!!!

I only have like 4lb or so before I am back at my WW goal! And even less before I can go back to meetings. Wooohooo!!

Here are the other stats:

 photo 9803AC42-23D4-4362-AB63-1F8A74F484AF-1325-00000173A1D55205.jpg

 photo C39E69A5-618B-47A4-A4DB-CD20A77BDC12-1325-000001739EEB874D.jpg


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