Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's in my bag?

This is one of those internet things that has been around for years! And I love it! I have done it a few times on Flickr and once on Instagram over the years and decided to do a blog post about it.

Here are a few of my past years ones:


My first one ever, April 2008. I adore that bag. My sister gave it to me for Christmas and it was from the company she was a buyer for and it's so soft and gorgeous!!

Whats in my bag - version 2

August 2008. My pink phase! lol I was a little obsessed with pink! I still am a little bit but nowhere near as bad!

And here is what I carry around in my bag now:

 photo null-3.jpg

I like to change my bags depending on my outfit and it was always a pain to change everything over into each bag so a while ago I came up with a system. I found these little bags to keep certains things in and I just move the bags over to each bag. I use clear ones so I can see what's in them. For my "feminine" stuff I used to have a black one but my lovely friend sent me a gift in the mail this week in that cute while bag so now that is my "girly stuff" bag :D

 photo null-5.jpg

So I have one that is like a first aid type bag, bandaids, medicine etc. Then other one that is more beauty type stuff.

 photo null-6.jpg

Another one for pens etc. I don't smoke but a lighter is always handy. The scissors come in handy all the time too! The top 2 are my purses. The tan one is my main one and the black one is for Reward cards, change etc.

 photo null-7.jpg

I keep post it notes for Operation Beautiful. Check it out here I also steal mints from Chick Fil A because I LOVE them! lol

So that is what I keep in my bag!! What do you keep in yours? Post a link to yours in the comments!!

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