About me

Hi! I'm Nikki, a 30 something Aussie city girl now living in the North Carolina countryside in the USA. I am married to my wonderful American best friend and have a handsome 18 year old son who has Fragile X Syndrome.

I am a little wacky, passionate, outgoing and always hungry. Hungry for food, knowledge and inspiration! My blog is all about family, weight loss, living in a new country, food, photography and all sorts of things.

I hope my blog brings a smile to your face or inspires your own weight loss journey or gives you something to think about. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

198/365 - Mo stash!

I warned you about the wacky!


  1. This describes you beautifully. I love that you haven't hidden your battle with food, like a lot of people do, and you are just so open and honest!! Thank you for your blog...it's an awesome read, and every so often I'll go back and read old blog posts and think how much you've changed since then! xxx

  2. This is a terrific about me. It's not too long, and it hits the highlights of what your blog is about.

  3. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I read your blog at least 3 times a week! I have only commented once or twice but I do enjoy your posts!! Keep writing...it's good for the soul!!



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