Love Story

It was New Years Eve 2004 in Perth, Western Australia and I was home alone, bored out of my head. So I decided to go online and entertain myself. I remembered a website called Red vs Blue that had funny videos and stuff. So I signed onto my account there and started poking around on the forums and stuff. I came across a thread where people were posting funny photos of themselves so I posted on of me, and I noticed the guy above me had a photo of himself that reminded me of a movie poster. So I just sent him a message, not knowing him at all, telling him I thought his photo was cool. We chatted back and forth about movies and the conversation came really easily.

We found we had the same taste in movies and other things. I found out he lived in the US so I was thinking it was kind of cool to have made a friend overseas. And that was all I really thought it was. Just some nice guy in another country that I could chat too. I made a bunch of friends on the website over the course of a few weeks but he and I just had a real special connection and we were the only people we really wanted to talk to. After a while we started talking about life and personal stuff and got to like each other more and more.

Not too long after this we started talking almost every day and for hours some days. It was so easy talking to him. We graduated to talking on webcam not long after this and calls on the telephone also. We both knew something was growing between us but we were afraid it confront it at first because it seemed so crazy, unrealistic. But sooner or later it came time to talk about it. And we did. And neither of us freaked out, or ran away. No we decided we had to meet. So I scrimped and saved for a ticket to the US and in April 2005 I flew to meet him.

It was amazing. It was like a fairytale. After a week he proposed to me, and I accepted. I have a whole story about our proposal, but that's for another time.

Here are some photos from my trip:


Billy & Nikki

Our last night

Our last night

Our last night


Of course I had to go back to Australia and leave him, which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. We didn't know what our future held. He didn't really want to leave the US and I didn't want to leave Australia. We talked about it for a few months until we finally decided he would come to live in Australia. So he moved there in December 2005. Here are some webcam photos of us when he got to Australia.

Billy & Nikki December 2005

Billy & Nikki December 2005

We were married in a small registry ceremony on February 10th 2006. Only a handful of guests could make it. But we were both so happy it didn't matter to us.

Wedding Day

The next 3 years we went through a lot of ups and downs, with immigration, financial hardship etc, but our relationship was always very strong and we were extremely happy within our little family. Some photos of us in Australia:

All dressed up


67/365 - Love


Billy was struggling with homesickness and when his grandfather fell ill, it was the final straw in our decision to move to the USA. I was terrified. I was leaving everything I knew behind. All my family, all my friends. But he had done the same thing for me, so I knew it was the right thing to do. Here we are now living here in the USA:

18/365 - Story telling

74/365 - Horns!

85/365 - Love Hands


03. Love

99. Something nearby



47/365 - Shel Silverstein


117/365 - Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Nietzche

365 outtake

We are truly a fairy tale love story. I never really believed in soul mates or true love until I met Billy. We are like 2 parts of 1 piece. Like we belong together and function better when together. We compliment each other. I love him more than I could ever say in words.
Here is a video I made about out story a few years ago.

Last year a magazine in Australia contacted me about our story and wanted to publish it in their New Years issue. Click here to see it Magazine Article


  1. Absolutely loved the video. I am very happy for the both of you and that you found each other.

    Hope you guys have a long and happy marriage.

  2. Aww Niki this is SO sweet I loved reading your story!!! You and hubby are so cute together!!!!

  3. Yay! Thanks for sharing your story! You both obliviously took huge risks and it looks like it paid off major! I am going to share with my friend who is marrying an Aussie.

    I also have an unconventional love story and will be sharing it soon on FU.

    Jen J.

  4. I loved reading about your love story. You two are so cute together. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing.


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