Let me introduce you to our fur babies.


The day we moved in here, this little black ball of fur from next door came running over to meet us. He was the most adorable furry little black lab and his owner, Donna, came over to retrieve him and it was a great way to meet the neighbours. The puppies name was Champ and he was a Black Lab x Golden Retriever. A couple of months later, we decided we wanted a dog and it just so happened that Donna was looking for a new home for Champ. He actually belonged to her teenage son who at 17 had little time to look after this little rascal. So we decided to take him. He was about 5 months old when we got him, in December 2008, here he is the night we got him.

Gorgeous boy

Here is a video not long after we got him. I had taught him to sit.

And here are more photos from over the last few years:

Ashley & Champ

Dog walk

04/365 - Smiling dawg

Beautiful boy

The endless battle




A little while after getting Champ we noticed him watching his old "doggie" pals next door. He would run up and down the fence with them and would want to so desperately play with them. So we decided, when we could, we would get him a brother to play with. Well it took a while before we were able, but in August 2009 we found a Chocolate Lab x Australian Shepherd named Oliver (Ollie for short) whose owners were moving to New York and were unable to take him with them. He was about 8 months old. And he had the longest tongue I have ever seen! Lol

Meet Ollie

He is also the sweetest dog ever! He is like a horse but wants to be a lap dog. And thankfully he and Champ are best buds!

Literally hanging out!

Here is some photos of Ollie:





We never EVER planned on getting a cat. I have never really been a cat person. Not that I don't like them, I just never really wanted one. I am more a dog person. But one afternoon in December 2009 we were bringing in groceries and Billy thought he saw a piece of trash in the yard so he went to pick it up. It was actually this:

She was the tiniest, dirtiest little ball of fur EVER! She ran to him and literally jumped into his arms. And he was a goner. Right then and there, he was sold. We also noticed another kitten, a bit larger than her on the other side of the road, watching her. He finally came over to us too and we took both of them inside and cleaned them up. They looked like they were from the same litter.


We asked around the neighbours but they didn't belong to anyone, so we decided to keep her and found a home for the boy. We called her Cassiopeia (Cassie for short). She has become the Queen of the house and is a constant source of laughter and bewilderment. And annoyance also!




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